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  All systems go! I have officially launched a's only taken a year. I will be keeping up with the blog to inform you about all things art and fishing (at least the things pertaining to me). Let me know what you think of the site - still working on images and a few other things, but it's up!

  As far as an update goes, I just finished "Dark Water", the idea for which was spawned out of utter frustration with the local juvenile tarpon. He probably won't eat the fly, but he will track it long enough to get you excited and then disappoint you, as most juvenile "ditch tarpon" do. We all come up against those fish that can't be caught (at least not by you). Is it you or the fish? I prefer to blame the fish - they're pressured, finicky, and have commitment issues when it comes down to taking a fly. There is always a spot with fish that haunt you, fish you just can't quite figure out. For me, it's a popular mosquito ditch in Merritt Island. Everyone and their brother seems to catch these guys, with the exception of me. So for now, I choose a different method of capture - the canvas. 

  In the meantime, I've been going out on the frequent "7- weight date" (#7wtdate ?). Credit for that term goes to Steve. Yes, it's exactly what it sounds like. Two people; one weight fly set up. The weather has been less than favorable, but there have been plenty of trout and other targets to play with while we wait for calmer weather and sight fishing. Snook and tarpon are hanging around the beaches, and the shad run is right around the corner. Ready for the cool down!

  I'm also about to start another tarpon painting - I'll keep ya posted.